Remote working: Where to set up desk space overseas

remote working where to set up desk space overseas

For more than a year now, many of us have been working from home, and even though many offices are set to reopen this summer, it looks like remote working – in some form or another – is here to stay.

But why stick to loading up a laptop at home?  In our increasingly connected digital world, it’s easy to stay in touch, opening up options to perform tasks from almost anywhere.

Responding to an increasing demand for ‘workations’, hotels are offering longer stay packages and governments are even tempting tourists with extended visas.

Seeking a new working environment? Why not hot-desk in these exotic climes…

Fancy topping up your tan while tapping away and dipping toes into the Indian Ocean? Open to tourists, retirees or professionals who would like to work remotely, a new Premium Visa ( allows foreigners to reside in Mauritius for a year with an option to renew for those who comfortably settle into beach life. To help visitors with their move, the scheme offers an ‘arrival concierge’ to assist with issues such as banking or finding a car.

Keen applicants must provide proof of accommodation along with adequate health and travel insurance…

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