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Royal Caribbean volunteer trial ‘applauded’ – may get ‘cruises back to sea’ by ‘next year’

Cruise giant Royal Caribbean has put forward plans for a “test voyage” which will aim to test out new measures in place to combat the spread of coronavirus onboard its ships. So far, the trail has reportedly attracted more than 100,000 volunteers eager to step onboard.

The cruise line additionally launched a Facebook group to discover how much interest there was among cruisers for the trial sailings.

The group has garnered around 50,000 members so far.

Cruise experts have “applauded” and “encouraged” the move, and believe it will be a huge help in “restoring consumer confidence” and getting cruises back to sea “as early as next year.”

“It is going to be tough to get the confidence back for people to start booking cruise holidays again although 2022 cruise bookings are already being taken and filling up which suggests people have the belief that it will take a year or so for confidence to be regained,” Rob Gower, cruise expert and owner of luxury travel firm Dragonfly Traveller told

“The Royal Caribbean trial is a great way to demonstrate their commitment to getting people back to booking cruise holidays.

“I would expect to see a great deal more publicity around this trial going forward as RC will want to get as much mileage out of doing such an event.

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“Moves such as this should be applauded and encouraged.

“Taking a stepped and carefully monitored approach to managing the risks to passengers, is not just sensible, it potentially sets a benchmark for how other tour operators can help restore consumer confidence in the wider travel industry.”

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