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Royal travel: Sombre travel rules Queen Elizabeth & children must follow in case of death

Sudden death is not something your typical tourist tends to think of when they are preparing for an international adventure. However, for the Royal Family, every eventuality must be taken into consideration when they are travelling abroad.

The deathly protocols now span everything – from fashion to blood supplies.

One of the first rules is taken into account before the royal plane departs, and states all family members must pack a black outfit in their luggage.

“When packing for a trip it is protocol that they typically pack an all-black outfit,” explained Ms Chertoff.

“If there’s a sudden or unexpected death and they need to attend a funeral or appear in mourning it’s important to have the clothes they need to wear.”

Indeed, this was a lesson her Majesty learned the hard way and has since passed on to her children and grandchildren so that they may never be caught in a similar situation.

“When Queen Elizabeth II was traveling with Prince Philip in 1952 she learned that her father, King George VI had died and she didn’t have a black outfit in her luggage,” explained Ms Chertoff.

For the Royal Family, the mourning process is not one that is done in privacy, and the Queen faced a wall of photographers and media upon her arrival back into the UK from South Africa

“When she landed back in London she had to wait for an aide to bring her a black outfit to wear as she disembarked the plane because she was in mourning.

“To ensure that no one else is left without the proper attire in the event a family member passes away while they’re travelling, a black outfit is packed in everyone’s luggage.

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