Scaling Conversations With ThoughtExchange: Why Even The Smallest Voice Matters In Remote Work

scaling conversations with thoughtexchange why even the smallest voice matters in remote work

Managing communication and teamwork across staff is a career-long challenge at best, yet companies all over the world have had those difficulties further articulated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yet as companies announce their intentions to retain remote working on a permanent basis, how would business leaders adapt their ways to gather genuine, efficient feedback and maintain communication with their staff, in light of the video call era?

How would a Digital Nomad pursue a reputable career while also living out his or her lifestyle dreams?

I spoke to Dave MacLeod, CEO of ThoughtExchange to gather his thoughts.

Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod used to be a facilitator, helping to run face-to-face events as part of his business development consultancy. There was a frequent requirement to collect and analyze feedback, often implementing new solutions for continuous improvement.

His biggest gripe during his consultancy days was the overuse of the supposedly omnipotent think tanks. Despite the fact that the individuals had always been identified as experts or demonstrated some form of qualifying criteria, he could usually sense the self-serving bias it created when only a few people were discussing plans that could affect so many people while failing to integrate the thoughts of those it touched…

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