Scuba Diving In Dubai: 11 Beautiful Places To Explore Underwater World In 2022

scuba diving in dubai 11 beautiful places to explore underwater world in 2022

Sumary of Scuba Diving In Dubai: 11 Beautiful Places To Explore Underwater World In 2022:

  • Cost Of Scuba Diving: INR 3500 approximately for one dive per person Must Read: 10 Dubai Beaches Where You Can Surf, Swim, And Soak In The Sun 2. Sharm Rock Image SourceOne of the two most spectacular natural aquariums off the Dubai shore, Sharm Rock is a vision of pink and purple.
  • Cost Of Scuba Diving: INR 3000 approximately for one dive per person Suggested Read: 10 Most Fabulous Places To Enjoy Desert Camping In Dubai In 2022 3. Martini Rock Image Source The other natural aquarium is the Martini Rock.
  • Underwater Zoo: All You Need To Know For A Thrilling Marine Adventure 4. Dubai World Islands Image Source One of the new spots for scuba diving on the west coast, Dubai World Islands are a group of artificial islands that are today budding with small colonies of marine flora and fauna.
  • Suggested Read: 60 Tourist Places In Dubai: Do Not Come Back Without Visiting These Marvels In 2022 6. Mariam Express Image Source Engulfed by the raging waters in 2006, Mariam Express was a ferry that used to travel from UAE to Iraq and back.
  • Cost Of Scuba Diving: Suggested Read: 10 Best Resorts In Dubai That Never Run Out Of Luxury 7. MV Ludwig Image Source One of the most well-preserved wrecks off of the Dubai shore is MV Ludwig.
  • Suggested Read: Skiing In Dubai: Essential Tips That You Should Know Before Going For This Adventure 8. MV Dara Image Source Set 5 to 17 metres deep into the waters, MV Dara is a passenger ship that sunk to the bed in the year 1961. 238 lives were lost then.

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