Seafood Delight: A Visit to Shizuoka’s Yaizu and Ogawa Fishing Ports

seafood delight a visit to shizuokas yaizu and ogawa fishing ports

The ports of Yaizu and Ogawa in Shizuoka Prefecture are known for the large variety of fish, including tuna and mackerel, they handle. The surrounding area is home to numerous businesses manufacturing and selling traditional products like himono (dried fish) and katsuobushi as well as restaurants serving fresh seafood and shops offering all manner of gift items.

Yaizu Port in Shizuoka Prefecture boasts Japan’s largest annual fish haul by value, a title it has held for four years running. In 2020, ¥41 billion worth of fish and other seafood passed through the facility. Mainly a deep-sea fishing port, it handles great volumes of bonito along with one-third of all tuna landed in Japan, which also makes it one of the country’s leading anchorages by catch volume.

Yaizu Station on the JR Tōkaidō Line is the gateway to the port, which is a 15-minute walk away. From the station, visitors can also ride the Shizutetsu Bus to nearby Ogawa Port, a 12-minute journey.

Yaizu Port is one of only 13 anchorages in Japan designated as a Class 3 fishing port, meaning it is used by fishing vessels from around the country.

Yaizu Port consists of two districts: Yaizu, the base mainly for deep-sea fishing, and Ogawa, whose boats fish in coastal waters…

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