Shopping In Krabi: 10 Places To Stop By In This Lesser Known Paradise For Shopaholics

shopping in krabi 10 places to stop by in this lesser known paradise for shopaholics

If you always thought that Bangkok was the only best place to shop in Thailand, you’d be surprised and happy to know that there’s a lesser-known paradise waiting for you, which is the gorgeous town of Krabi. From compact shopping malls to the locals’ favorite walking streets, Krabi has got so much in store that will lift your spirits and make you splurge. And whether you are looking for traditional souvenirs or luxury brand labels, it will cater to all kinds of your shopping needs and moods. So, it’s not just the pretty beaches that will take your breath away but also the experience of shopping in Krabi that’ll leave you in awe.

From batiks to jewelry and handicrafts to apparel, there’s a lot to explore and buy from here. But where should you begin from? Well, these 10 top places will help you with it all!

Since Krabi is still an emerging tourist place it may not offer you a lavish shopping experience, but it will surely help you in finding the best of everything that Thailand offers. Take a look!

One of the most important places for shopping in Krabi, Walking street offers a wide range of things for Shopaholics through more than 50 stalls…

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