Should I book a holiday this summer? (cloned)

should i book a holiday this summer cloned

All holidays within and beyond the UK are currently illegal. No one resident in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can engage in leisure travel. Even if we could, there are many barriers imposed by destination countries on arriving travellers.

While Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have not yet set out details of reopening international travel, the prime minister has given the earliest dates from which foreign holidays may be permitted in England. The earliest date is 17 May (though domestic “self-contained” accommodation can open, for a single household only, from 12 April).

The Foreign Office is warning against non-essential international travel to almost all countries, and increasingly harsh measures quarantine remains in place for the trickle of arrivals from abroad.

Yet there is undoubtedly an appetite for travel from frustrated holidaymakers. Many companies, after a dreadful 2020 and lousy start to 2021, are selling flights, package holidays and cruises from May onwards.

Tui, Britain’s biggest holiday company, says it has sold 2.8 million holidays across Europe for summer 2021.

With the vaccination programme under way and signs of light at the end of a very long tunnel, should you book now?

What are the significant dates in England?

In England, self-contained accommodation will open “no earlier than 12 April” – for household lets occupied by a single family…

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