Six vaccinated medical experts reveal their summer travel plans

six vaccinated medical experts reveal their summer travel plans

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cleared vaccinated Americans to travel again, but some immunized travelers remain on the fence about making summer plans.  

Is it finally safe to fly? What about visiting unvaccinated relatives or traveling with young children?  

CNBC Global Traveler asked medical professionals — all of whom are involved in treating or researching Covid-19 — to share their travel plans this summer. Here are their responses, in their words.

“It’s unlikely I’ll be traveling this summer … I’m concerned that the proliferation of variants, existing or new, is setting the stage for a replay of last summer’s ebb and flow Covid-19 surge pattern. I’m also concerned that vaccine hesitancy … or supply and access issues will limit our ability to reach herd immunity in the short term.” 

“We only have to look as far as recent Covid-19 surges in countries like Canada or states like Michigan to see how vaccine supply issues and variant spread can lead to a dangerous surge with wide impact.”

There’s nothing wrong with a wait and see approach right now. 

Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine

“[My kids] are desperate to get out of the house and into a theme park this summer but that’s just not in our cards right now…

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