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Snowfall In Solan: Enjoy An Irresistible Winter Holiday In Himachal

Solan, known for its agricultural produce for vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes, is quite a popular town in Northern India. The ‘Mushroom City of India’ is located at an average elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level. The largest city in the state of Himachal Pradesh, it attracts a large number of travel lovers. The biggest attraction of Solan is its remarkable snowfall that is embraced by tourists all across the world with a warm heart. Tourists reach this town during winters to experience the remarkable snowfall in Solan that is one of its kind.

Best Time To Enjoy Snowfall In Solan

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Solan during winters looks like it has been perfectly grabbed out of the storybooks with stories of pine trees and snow-clad mountains. Although Solan can be visited at any point of the year, in summers and in winters, it is not the same for the snow lovers. Winter season is exclusively enjoyed by the snow lovers who love getting a taste of the wonderful snow-clad mountains and pine trees with snow frost on top. The winter season in Solan starts from the month of October and goes on onwards. Although fog hampers visibility, the season has a flavor of its own in Solan. At this time, the temperature tends to vary from 0 to 20 degrees Celsius and is quite cold!

Things To Do During Snowfall In Solan

Solan, a town in Himachal Pradesh off late has become one of the most prominent adventure hubs for tourists all over the world. A lot of individuals are seen escaping from the hustle-bustle and seek solace in this peaceful town to be a lot closer to nature. Let us have a look at the wide array of popular adventure activities that can be enjoyed in Solan during winters or snowfall.

1. Camping

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