Stomped by giant monsters

stomped by giant monsters

Camera IconA giant gorilla stomped through Vietnam’s Ninh Binh in the movie Kong: Skull Island. Credit: Ronan O’Connell/Supplied

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They’ve been stomped by giant monsters, swooped by flying superheroes, invaded by gun-wielding criminals and cursed by demons. But fortunately those grim events only occurred in movies, so these 10 film locations across Asia are still very attractive tourist destinations…

From the first King Kong movie in 1933, this film franchise has featured wild, isolated settings in which its enormous main character can run amok. With its karst mountains, deep caves, thick forest, lush rice paddies and snaking rivers, Ninh Binh in northern Vietnam appears as though it was computer generated to act as a backdrop for Kong. It wasn’t. It is real and extraordinary.

While Ninh Binh seems tailored for Kong, the modern skyline of Hong Kong feels like the perfect environment for batman to fly through. Particularly at night, when Hong Kong is drenched in neon light, the city takes on an ultra-modern appearance. It looked phenomenal during the Dark Knight’s famous kidnapping scene…..

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