Stunning photographs by Jimmy Nelson of the isolated tribe on the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific 

stunning photographs by jimmy nelson of the isolated tribe on the marquesas islands in the pacific

Life on one of the world’s most remote sets of islands, which are still only inhabited by its original tribal settlers, has been captured in a series of stunning photographs.

The ‘extremely isolated’ Marquesas Islands are one of the world’s most untouched civilisations, with its inhabitants blissfully still relatively unaffected by the developed world.

The islands are dotted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 1,400km (880 miles) from the nearest popular tourist destination of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. 

World-famous photographer Jimmy Nelson has snapped a series of photos showing what life is like for the Marquesans tribe, pictured, which lives on the Marquesas Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

The Marquesas Islands are described as ‘extremely isolated’, with Jimmy explaining that the people there are ‘still relatively untouched by the developed world’

Two tribe members wear full traditional dress, which is usually worn on special occasions such as weddings. Photographer Jimmy, 53, is best known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous peoples

The islanders have retained a rich sense of heritage, says Jimmy, and get around their islands predominantly on horseback

The Marquesas Islands are made up of 12 islands – of which only six are inhabited. Their green, mountainous landscapes inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous adventure novel, Treasure Island

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