Sunny side down

sunny side down

Camera IconWharton Beach in last light. Credit: Supplied/Alexandra Casey

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Sunsets are an opportunity to take a breath, reflect upon the day and appreciate your blessings. Over the past year, I’ve travelled far and wide within Western Australia, exploring some of the most remote and breathtaking landscapes.

Here, I turn south to my favourite places to watch the sun melt into the horizon.

Wharton Beach takes the cake as my favourite beach because it is so beautiful whatever the weather, and has something for everyone — it’s also another stunning sunset spot.

Located within the Cape Le Grand National Park, on the western side of Duke of Orleans Bay Caravan Park, the continuous rolling waves make Wharton the perfect spot for a swim, surf or boogie board.

If you are staying in Esperance, it is definitely worth the 93km drive for the crystal-clear turquoise water, squeaky white sand and stunning rock formations.

The beach has 4WD access but also on-road parking for those of you who don’t feel the urge to be quite so adventurous.

It is a great idea to climb to the top of The Duke (the big rock) to experience the 360-degree views of the ocean and mainland, while watching the sun as it sinks into the ocean…

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