Superyacht feature transports passengers underwater in minutes

superyacht feature transports passengers underwater in minutes

(CNN) — The notion of hopping on an observation platform and being transported down to the ocean within minutes seems rather fanciful.

But superyacht owners may soon be able to do just that thanks to a new design that provides a “submerged viewing experience” for up to seven people on board.

The Hydrosphere concept can be deployed from the hull of the vessel, immersing the owner and their guests into the surrounding ocean environment.

Described as a space “to share magical moments and to get underwater quickly,” its designers say it provides an experience close to that of diving in a submersible.

A rendering of Gresham Yacht Design’s latest concept, which immersing yacht passengers underwater.

The unveiling of this new concept from Gresham Yacht Design comes as demand for personal submersibles is increasing.

Last year, Florida-based luxury submersible company Triton Submarines delivered the first six-person acrylic-hulled sub that can dive to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) and the same company sold a 24-seater submersible, Triton DeepView 24, to Vietnamese resort Vinpearl, which plans to provide excursions around the Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang…

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