Surat Fort: Know Everything About This Monument Which Has A Rich History!

surat fort know everything about this monument which has a rich history

Sumary of Surat Fort: Know Everything About This Monument Which Has A Rich History!:

  • While Vadodara and Ahmedabad hold strong importance in the state, but apart from that Surat doesn’t fall back in the race.
  • Known for its incredible development initiatives, cleanliness and business trade, the history of Surat is equally rich than its present time.
  • The majestic Surat Fort silently whispers the story of the marvellous era of 16th century and its richness which can still be seen.
  • Know everything about this abandoned beauty of the fort in Surat and relive the past of this ever-growing city.
  • History Of Surat Fort Image Source The Surat Fort was built in the 16th century by the Ahmedabad king Sultan Mahmood-III.
  • When a Portuguese traveler named Barbosa visited Surat in 1514, he described this city as the major location for trading and also mentioned about the seaport which yielded a huge revenue.

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