The 3 places in the world to be stripped of their UNESCO World Heritage status

the 3 places in the world to be stripped of their unesco world heritage status

Sumary of The 3 places in the world to be stripped of their UNESCO World Heritage status:

  • The announcement today that Liverpool is being stripped of its World Heritage status will come as a huge disappointment to people throughout Merseyside and beyond.
  • But did you know that this is not the first time the UN has used its powers to strip a site of its World Heritage status?
  • Since UNESCO World Heritage List began in 1978, there have been three places that have been awarded UESCO World Heritage status, only to have it later withdrawn.
  • They are as follows: Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, Oman – awarded in 1994, revoked in 2007 Oman’s Arabian Oryx Sanctuary holds the dubious distinction of being the first ever site to be removed from UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  • Dresden Elbe Valley, Germany – awarded in 2004, revoked in 2009 The 20-kilometre stretch of the Elbe River through Dresden in Germany’s state capital of Saxony, known as the Dresden Elbe Valley, has huge scenic and architectural value, and the Baroque skyline and picturesque river has inspired many a poet.
  • It was the construction of the Waldschlösschen Bridge river crossing, however, which was seen as highly controversial, that brought about the removal of World Heritage status.

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