The 50 most beautiful places in the UK for 2020 revealed from the Isle of Skye to Oxford

the 50 most beautiful places in the uk for 2020 revealed from the isle of skye to oxford

The UK has no shortage of stunning places – but which are the ultimate for sheer breathtaking beauty?

Apparently these 50 locations. And they’ve been pulled together in a ranking in order of  loveliness. 

It was drawn up by Big 7 Travel after it asked its 1.5million-strong social audience for their opinion, mined data from Pinterest and analysed the most-viewed ‘Instagrammable’ location articles on its website.

Taking the top spot is the beautiful Isle of Skye, with another Scottish location – the Cairngorms National Park – in second place.

The final podium position goes to the city of Bath (third), with historic Cambridge (fourth) and the spellbinding Lake District (fifth) rounding off the top five.

Scroll down to see the full list, published here in reverse order. Which is your favourite?

50. PORTMEIRION: This resort village is described as a ‘big hearty slice of Italy in the heart of Wales’ by Big 7 Travel. It adds: ‘Portmeirion really does feel like the Mediterranean’ 

49. THE DARK HEDGES: Located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, this ‘quiet and isolated’ road is lined by old beech trees  and looks like ‘something out of a storybook’, says Big 7 Travel

48. CHEDDAR GORGE: Close to the city of Bath and near the village of Cheddar, Big 7 Travel says this ‘velvety green gorge is simply breathtaking and provides stunning views of the surrounding scenery’ 

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