The Best Gifts For Francophiles

the best gifts for francophiles

Francophiles will love these France-related gifts.


For lovers of all things France, a gift honoring their Francophilia is always the right call. From imported goods, to high quality French foods, to artwork evoking everything that is so loveable about France, these gifts will tide your Francophile over until their next trip to the French Republic.

Louis Sel’s French Salt

Louis Sel’s French salts

Louis Sel

Working directly with  independent farmers, Louis Sel brings small batch, unique French salts to American kitchens. Varieties include Fleur de Sel,  Sel Marin with Aromatic Herbs, Sel Marin with Fennel and Citrus, and Sel Marin with Pink Peppercorn. $12.99 and up,

Murray’s French Connection

Murray’s French Connection

Murray’s Cheese

While the American francophile may not be smuggling soft cheese back from France anytime soon, Murray’s Cheese has imported the posh perishables (legally), and curated a selection to ship the tastes of France stateside. The collection includes four iconic cheeses, like Comte and Roquefort, plus rich cherry confit, silky Jambon, and a handful of bright olives. $130,


Paris Page-A-Day 2021 Calendar

Paris 2021 Calendar

Workman Publishing

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