The Best Hard Teas & Kombucha

the best hard teas kombucha

Sumary of The Best Hard Teas & Kombucha:

  • Boozy canned kombuchas and teas are perfect low-alcohol options to take to the pool or beach.
  • Courtesy of Jiant Fizzy and fruity, refreshing and not too sweet, it’s no wonder that the options for boozy canned teas and kombucha have exploded in recent years.
  • Flying Embers Ginger Berry Boost Hard Kombucha Courtesy of Flying Embers Flying Embers Ginger Berry Boost Hard Kombucha, $78 for 12 Flying Embers packs a lot of good-for-you ingredients into their bright and bubbly hard kombucha.
  • Take the summery limited edition cans of Ginger Berry Boost, which are made with adaptogens (reishi), organic antioxidant-rich superfruits (acerola cherry and elderberry), plus ginger, turmeric, ginseng, and Meyer lemon.
  • Like all of Flying Embers’ flavors, it’s also certified USDA Organic, is packed with live probiotics, contains no sugar or carbs, and is friendly to vegan, keto, and gluten-free diets.
  • Another reason to love Flying Embers: the company donates 1% of their revenue to charities that support firefighters and other first responders.

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