The Butterfly Effect

the butterfly effect

Butterfly spotting in the tranquility of the forests in eastern Himalayas can make for the perfect stress-busting vacation right now. Searching for something as small as a butterfly brings one alive to every possibility in the landscape. 

One of the many reasons why you should travel to the Himalayan state of Sikkim is its rich butterfly biodiversity. From the iconic Kaiser-i-Hind to the recently discovered small woodbrown butterfly, the North-Eastern state is home to 50 percent of butterflies recorded in the Indian subcontinent. The best season to spot butterflies begins from April and lasts till September. 

With as many as 700 species of butterfly fluttering around its stunning mountain landscapes, the state is a paradise for nature lovers and botany buffs.The varying altitudes of the Himalayan state create a huge biodiversity that’s a perfect setting for tropical as well as for the high-altitude cold desert species of butterflies.

The Tholung Valley makes for a perfect case in point. Within 30km of this majestic valley, the altitude rises from 600m to 5,500m. 

Being covered with snow for about 4 to 8 months, 40 % of Sikkim’s total area is almost inhabitable for any living species…

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