The Collapse Of Aerion Supersonic Shows That Aviation Advances Must Be As Affordable As They Are Ama …

the collapse of aerion supersonic shows that aviation advances must be as affordable as they are amazing

Sumary of The Collapse Of Aerion Supersonic Shows That Aviation Advances Must Be As Affordable As They Are Amazing:

  • [+] Mach 1.4 corporate jet with the ability to cross the Atlantic in three hours, was suspended May 21, along with all of Aerion’s operations..
  • Courtesy Aerion Supersonic The shutdown of Aerion Supersonic last month should not have come as a surprise to anyone who had given even a modest amount of thought to what the Reno, NV-based company was aiming to do with its $120 million, Mach 1.4 supersonic business jet..
  • It was both sad and sadly predictable that Aerion announced on May 21 that it will not build its much-hyped AS2 10-passenger supersonic passenger plane and, instead will shut down its operations..
  • Founded in 2004 by a group of serious, dedicated industry pros and backed by Texas billionaire Robert Bass, Aerion was widely considered to have the best chance of success and to be the farthest along of several groups developing new supersonic passenger aircraft..
  • That meant it most certainly was not going to make its goal of having a working aircraft in the air and going through the testing and the Federal Aviation Administration certification process by 2024..
  • You see, flying in aircraft large enough for multiple adults to fly in great comfort – and to do so while not causing disturbing sonic booms on the ground below while traveling in excess of Mach 1, the speed of sound – is a significant technical challenge..
  • If the motives of any of the companies that build and operate such planes are to make reasonable returns on their investments – and undoubtedly that is their collective motive – then they have an extremely narrow and difficult path to success..
  • In fact, the path to economic success for supersonic passenger planes is so tough that the carrier believed to have the best chance of success just gave up on it….

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