The Disney Wish Will Be The First Disney Cruise To Offer Vegan Menus

the disney wish will be the first disney cruise to offer vegan menus

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line recently revealed its latest and greatest ship. The Disney Wish will set sail for the first time in the summer of 2022, and it will be the first of the Disney cruises to offer vegan menus as part of the dining experience on board the ship.

Disney cruises have always been very vegan-friendly, offering a variety of vegan dishes and presenting chefs who cheerfully make vegan dishes upon request. However, this is the first time that vegans will get to have a readymade vegan-friendly menu in the whimsical ship restaurants.

According to the Disney Cruise Line, “Each and every one of our menus will have vegan offerings. Taking care of allergies and special requirements is extremely important to us. We want families to sail with peace of mind.” Therefore, they are going to ensure that there is something for everyone, and chefs aboard the Disney Cruise Line are incorporating vegan dishes as part of their menus. It’s important to Disney Cruise Line that vegans enjoy the fun-focused dining experiences without feeling at all separate.

The Disney Wish will feature three brand-new family restaurants. An inclusive, whimsical dining experience is what all cruisers can expect on this ship…

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