The Karjat Checklist: How Many of These Can You Tick Off?

the karjat checklist how many of these can you tick off

If Delhi has the hills of Himachal, Mumbai has the ghats of Maharashtra. Long weekends for Mumbaikars are incomplete without a weekend trip to either Lonavla or Karjat. While Lonavla is a good option if you are looking to just soak in the ghat views and chill with a gang of friends or bae, Karjat pushes the envelope a little further by throwing in the charm of adventure.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Mumbaikar or Punekar who has not been to Karjat, once a favourite of Buddhist monks, at least a dozen times in their life. And why not? It’s a great place to just drive down to during the weekend and explore the outdoors. Or just find a good property and chill with the fam. But can you call yourself a Karjat veteran even though you may have been there more than a few times? Let’s see how many in this checklist you can tick off.

Done the Rajmachi Trek

This trek is especially beautiful just after or during the monsoon. The route is surrounded by lush greenery and waterfalls. The end reward? Exploring the fascinating Kondana Caves, home to beautifully-carved Buddhist stupas and sculptures. And yes, it’s a super-easy trek to do.

Camped at Ulhas Valley

Have you ever ditched the fancy homestays for the raw beauty that Ulhas Valley in Kune village is? And camped there in the lap of nature, surrounded by pretty streams and rushing waterfalls? Yes? Well, your Karjat trip has been a good one then.

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