The man recreating airplane meals to get through lockdown

the man recreating airplane meals to get through lockdown

(CNN) — Some of Nik Sennhauser’s earliest memories are of long-haul flights — and of eating on a plane.

“The first time I got on a plane I was about five months old,” he says.

“I grew up between Austria and Thailand, so I’d be on a plane every two to three months or so.

“It was the one place where, as a kid, I would just eat the whole meal without question.

“At home, my mom would have to force me to eat stuff, but on a plane I’d just eat whatever I was given. I remember getting on the plane and looking forward to the food.”

With family all over the world — his parents in Thailand, his sisters in the United States and Switzerland, and a brother in Spain — flying has always meant “home” to him.

And so a Proustian connection was made. The little boy who was “quite obsessed with plane food” and flying grew up into a fully fledged “avgeek,” or aviation fan. A freelance project manager and social media manager until last year, he used his freedom to travel the world, taking flight after flight, and posting videos of his experience on YouTube.

“I used to spend all my free time on Google Flights, punching in dates, destinations and budgets; looking at videos of flight reports on YouTube; making my own videos as well — my whole life revolved around flying,” he says…

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