The Rise In Immunity Boosting Wellness Retreats For 2021

the rise in immunity boosting wellness retreats for 2021

Among the key wellness trends highlighted for 2021 is the rise in demand for immunity boosting retreats. While immunity-focused programs may not be new, the global health crisis has elevated the importance many people place on their day-to-day wellness and the strength of their immune system. Several luxury wellness resorts across the world are meeting these demands with newly launched immunity boosting retreats.

Outside The Original FX Mayr in Austria. The Original FX Mayr

The mainstay Austrian retreat for regeneration, The Original FX Mayr, recently brought back its popular Immunity Boost program. Designed to work alongside the Mayr relaxation and regeneration cure, this supplementary program integrates additional treatments such as oxygen therapy, an immune drip and nasal reflexology.

On a global scale, the hotel brand known for its focus on wellness as well as sustainability, Six Senses, has then strengthened its health-giving options with a series of newly launched Wellness Days. Each of these new programs is aimed at introducing guests to techniques, treatments and activities for a stronger body, improved mental clarity and deeper sense of balance and fulfilment.

A yoga session at The Original FX Mayr. The Original FX Mayr

Among the hotels’ full-day immersions is the Boost Your Immunity program looking at key elements such as diet, sleep and movement. Through this plan, wellness experts create a personal formula to help you build a stronger body and healthy immune system, including steps to follow on returning home. While each plan is tailored to the individual, an itinerary may include yoga and breath-work, spa treatments, meditation and sleep tracking. 


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