The World’s Most Exclusive Entertainment

the worlds most exclusive entertainment

Tony Steward’s sophistcated brand of magic is a big hit among superyacht owners and guests.

Tony Steward

Until high-end travel companies start booking regular tourist missions to outer space (those days are coming), a superyacht vacation is the world’s most exclusive escape. And while the obvious elements of the superyacht lifestyle—the luxury, privacy and VIP access to the world’s most glamorous coastal locations—are well documented. What’s not as well known is that superyacht guests, especially during this unpresented time when nothing is as important as staying healthy and social distancing, can still party and enjoy world-class entertainment from the safety and privacy of their yacht.  The talent goes to yacht. 

Tony Steward is a magician who brings 30 years’ professional experience to discerning superyacht guests who expect the best as well as the upmost privacy. During a cocktail party onboard, he roams between groups of guests, setting the tone by choosing the most appropriate time to grab people’s attention and amaze them with his sophisticated brand of magic. During dinner onboard, Tony works with the chef and crew to ensure guests are entertained between courses. But Tony can be booked to provide a variety of different programs to suit any superyacht in any location. And since he is the only magician in the world who holds the Superyacht Services Guide’s Captain’s Recommended Service award, owners, captains and guests can be assured he understands the special needs of his superyacht clients.

The Phly Boyz preform for superyacht guests around the world.

GF Entertainment

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