These iconic landmarks aren’t actually called what you think they’re called

these iconic landmarks arent actually called what you think theyre called

They say that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, which is just as well, because many of world’s premier marvels have official titles you may not even have heard of. From the currently-undergoing-renovations Big Ben to the domes of Moscow’s Red Square these are the wonders of the world that aren’t actually called what you think…

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Perhaps the ultimate in misnamed landmarks, pub quizzers everywhere would do well to remember that the name Big Ben refers to the tower’s enormous bell. The building in which it lives is the Elizabeth Tower.

It probably shouldn’t be surprising that The Great Wall of China is a name created by Westerners to refer to this world-leadingly large fortification. In China the wall is called Changcheng – literally just, ‘long wall’.

The red and white girders of the Tokyo Tower are near-synonymous with the Japanese capital, but the anglicised name translates as Nippon Denpatou, which means Japan Radio Tower.

The Statue of Liberty has technically been called Liberty Enlightening the World since being gifted to America by France in 1885…

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