This 311-Foot-Long Superyacht Concept Combines Ultimate Luxury With Diplomatic-Level Security

this 311 foot long superyacht concept combines ultimate luxury with diplomatic level security

Ultra2 by T. Fotiadis Design is designed to provide significant luxury and security.

T. Fotiadis Design

Ultra2, the 311-foot long superyacht concept that was designed by Berlin-based T. Fotiadis Design is yet another example of an innovative new design from a new breed of superyacht designers. And while it has the requisite sophisticated exterior lines and inviting interiors that include cabins and public spaces designed to highest standards. And yes, it has oversized window panels create breathtaking views. 

But Fotiadis also understands that the emerging generation of owners not only require uninterrupted ability to conduct their international business all over the world. They also have significant security requirements that need to be embraced early in the design conversation.  

Ultra2 by T. Fotiadis Design is a fresh new superyacht design

T. Fotiadis Design

As a result, in addition to all the luxury that comes on a private yacht that’s as long as a football field, Ultra2 is also designed around a safe “core” that combines a contemporary suite with an extraordinary diplomatic-grade secure-meeting environment.  This provides the ultimate security and “connected seclusion” while offering both economy of space and peace of mind. 

In addition, from the construction process to the operational running of the yacht, Ultra2’s cutting edge security and privacy technology is supported by military standard counter-intelligence protocol and crew training. This ensures that the human element of privacy and security is as impenetrable as the technological element.

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