This Colorado City Looks Like The Set Of A Hallmark Christmas Movie

this colorado city looks like the set of a hallmark christmas movie

Not surprisingly, plenty of Colorado mountain towns look as though they could play host to Hallmark Christmas movies, with Christmas trees anchoring their town squares and snow cloaked mountains superimposed in our imaginations.

But a lesser-known destination, just 30 minutes northwest of Denver, also has all the makings for a feel-good, made-for-TV holiday movie. Louisville, Colorado, which is a next door neighbor to Boulder, is brimming with holiday charm: Makers and artisans have shops lining Main Street, there’s a picturesque ice rink and the city is hosting a holiday home decorating contest.  

There’s more, though. Following the formula of every good holiday movie, you bet there’s a surprise in store to help lift our spirits and convince us that even a global pandemic cannot cancel Christmas cheer in 2020. Louisville has a new, over-the-top fantastical Christmas pop-up bar. 

A bartender makes Christmas cocktails at Miracle on Main in Louisville, Colorado.

Miracle on Main

Let the twinkling lights be your guide to an alley behind Main Street, where Miracle on Main Street is slinging Santa-approved cocktails in socially distanced, themed and heated greenhouses. As a sign of the times, hand sanitizer dispensers are attached to the doors and you’ll want to wear your most festive masks for some ‘elfies. 

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