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This Mountain Town Should Be On Your Travel Wish List

Sunset over Bozeman as seen from the top of Peets Hill in Spring.


Cue John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” and ease into a mountain adventure full of Lodgepole pine and Rocky Mountain juniper-studded trails, Western-style boutique shops flanking a quintessential Main Street, and a national park with large herds of bison and moose, packs of wolves, and both grizzly and black bears—all living within an active volcanic environment with hydrothermal geysers, hot springs, travertine terraces, fumaroles and mud pots.

Bozeman, Montana is the kind of town where craft brewing thrives, where you’ll see cowboys, college students, farmers, hippies, and hunters all bellying up to the same bar. Keep reading to learn about why this town is so indelible, and why you should visit when you feel safe to do so.

Yellowstone is a Dangerous Place

A bison makes eye contact in Yellowstone National Park.

Wendy Altschuler

Inside of the current Yellowstone National Park newspaper visitor guide is a bright yellow insert that says, “Think Safety, Act Safely. Yellowstone is a Dangerous Place”. There’s a drawing of a bison goring and flipping a stick figure into the air to illustrate the caution. It’s true: visitors to the park have died or have been seriously injured by bison, as well as grizzly bears (although bears are rarer). Burns, falls, and drownings have also been the fate for many sightseers. Heed the warnings—be bear aware, give bison a wide berth, and stay on designated trails and boardwalks—and visit this multi-hued playground out west.

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