Ticket to whimsy: What’s behind popular seasonal train shows

ticket to whimsy whats behind popular seasonal train shows

Sumary of Ticket to whimsy: What’s behind popular seasonal train shows:

  • NEW YORK (AP) — Many holiday-season train shows were canceled or limited to fewer visitors last year because of the pandemic, but this year the popular attractions are back at botanical gardens, conservatories and elsewhere around the country.
  • The shows, now a tradition in many cities, feature a combination of model trains and painstakingly detailed models of landmark buildings made from leaves, twigs and other dried plant materials.
  • Although model trains and holiday greenery have long been intertwined in the popular imagination, the history of this particular genre is as precise as it is surprising.
  • Almost 40 years ago, Ohio landscape architect Paul Busse took his quirky passion for trains, architecture and gardens public, setting up a garden railway exhibit at the 1982 Ohio State Fair.
  • Throughout the 1980s, Busse developed his now-famous fanciful structures decorated with dried plant material.
  • His “botanical architecture,” as he called it, along with his model train set-ups, were featured at prominent garden shows, primarily in the Midwest.

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