Top 10 tallest buildings in the world

top 10 tallest buildings in the world

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Tall buildings – thé symbol of urban style and might – have always fascinated mankind. The world’s first skyscraper with a steel frame construction was the Home Insurance Building in Chicago, built in 1885 with a height of 55 m (180 ft) and ten floors. But it was in New York that the skyscraper concept became aspirational in the early 20th century, with the 443 m (1,454 ft) Empire State Building being the literal highlight as the world’s tallest building, a title which it held for nearly half a century (from 1931 through 1972). Ever-improving technology, engineering capabilities, and a lot of egos make that we continue to build higher and higher, pushing our own boundaries (today, the Empire State Building doesn’t even make the top 45 anymore). Here are the current 10 tallest buildings in the world.

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Height: 508 meters (1,667 feet)
Floors: 101

Towering above the city like the gigantic bamboo stalk it was designed to resemble, Taipei 101 is impossible to miss…

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