Top 12 Waterfalls In Himachal Pradesh That Treat Your Eyes To The Best Sights Ever!

top 12 waterfalls in himachal pradesh that treat your eyes to the best sights ever

Known as the “Land of Gods”, Himachal Pradesh is the place to be for those who’re in search of a paradise on earth. Apart from the massive snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, shimmering lakes, and beautiful glaciers, the waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh also are also a blessing in disguise to the entire hill station. Making Himachal one of the best hill stations in North India, relish the best of these famous waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh along with the panoramic views of the great Himalayas.

Top 12 Waterfalls In Himachal Pradesh

Are you planning a vacation to Himachal Pradesh and looking for the most refreshing escapes amid nature? Check out these beautiful waterfalls in Himachal known for their exquiste beauty and refreshing experiences:

Bhagsunag Falls: Religious Site
Jana Falls: Breathtaking Views
Rahala Falls: Beautiful Escape
Chadwick Falls: Rocky Valleys
Dharamkot Waterfalls: For Adventure Enthusiasts
Jogini Falls: Sacred Spot
Rozy Falls: Exquisite Beauty
Thala Waterfall: Mesmerizing Ambiance
Hadsar Waterfall: Refreshing Sounds
Kaksen And Bhagsen Waterfall: Impeccable Beauty
Satdhara Falls: Seven Springs
Sissu Falls: Enticing Experiences

1. Bhagsunag Falls: Religious Site

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Much famed as the Bhagsu Falls, the famous Bhagsunag Falls is one of the most refreshing waterfalls to visit in Himachal Pradesh…

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