Top casinos that are worth travelling for

top casinos that are worth travelling for

People will travel the globe for any number of reasons: The eternal quest to see the most amazing sights including the seven wonders is an obvious driver. New experiences are behind all of our motives, whether it’s man-made tourist attractions, stunning new scenery or an aim to meet new people and new cultures.

Sporting tourism is also popular across the planet with major tournaments taking place throughout the year. Elsewhere, many like to travel to the world’s best casino locations and why not? Casino tourism ticks two distinct boxes with the ability to see a new location and, maybe win an eye-watering sum of money at the same time.

Many amazing casino locations exist but here are some of the best:

Las Vegas, NevadaAt the risk of sounding obvious, there really is only one place to start. There are heavy playing restrictions in most parts of the United States but Nevada is a clear exception. In order to gain new revenue following the Great Depression and the cost of the Hoover Dam, the State opened its doors to casino play and it’s been the most popular destination for players ever since.

Among the many notable establishments within the Las Vegas strip is the Wynn Encore…

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