Touch down! Large passenger jet lands on Antarctic ice runway [watch]

touch down large passenger jet lands on antarctic ice runway watch

Sumary of Touch down! Large passenger jet lands on Antarctic ice runway [watch]:

  • Aviation company HiFly operated the first flight ever with a large commercial passenger aircraft, between Cape Town and Antarctica.
  • The paves the way for passenger flights using larger jet aircraft to travel to Antarctica in the future – opening up the continent for tourism activities.
  • The flight departed from Cape Town on 2 November and returned to the Mother City just three hours after arriving in Antarctica.
  • The flight, HiFly 801 (and the return flight to Cape Town, HiFly 802) was piloted by Hi Fly’s vice president Captain Carlos Mirpuri.
  • The team spent less than three hours on the ground in Antarctica, delivering supplies.
  • HIFLY’S MISSION TO ANTARCTICA The flight was commissioned by the owners of a new adventure camp named Wolf’s Fang, located on the world’s southernmost continent.

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