Tourism New Zealand Encourages People To Put 2020 Disappointments Toward Tree Planting Program

tourism new zealand encourages people to put 2020 disappointments toward tree planting program

Tourism New Zealand has partnered with Trees That Count for a new campaign to plant a new forest in … [+] the country.

Trees That Count

Tourism New Zealand knows that 2020 has been a rough year and wants us all to begin early 2021 by helping out with a new “do-good, feel-good” campaign.

As the first country to ring in the New Year, New Zealand will become the place where this campaign will serve as a new year’s resolution that will bring in a different kind of fresh start. 


Known as the “Forest of Hope,” this campaign is a collaboration with Trees That Count to plant seedlings to build a new forest on both of New Zealand’s islands, in parts of Northland and Queenstown. 

According to Sarah Handley, general manager for Americas and Europe at Tourism New Zealand, the “Forest of Hope” reflects the Te Reo Māori values of manaaki and tiaki. “Manaaki speaks to the importance of having empathy and tiaki inspires us to care for people and place,” she said, in a media statement.

Trees That Count is a nonprofit in New Zealand whose mission is to help plant native trees across … [+] the country.

Trees That Count

In this statement, Handley explained, “While our borders remain closed to international visitors, we wanted to extend a little manaaki and encourage a sense of tiaki to those who are in need of some optimism for the new year. With trees as a natural symbol of life and growth, the ‘Forest of Hope’ is a way for people to say goodbye to this year’s disappointments and plant a seed of hope to look forward to better times ahead in 2021.”


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