Transmediale Festival

transmediale festival

Networks may be everywhere today, but what better way to strengthen or test yours than at a transdisciplinary event? Transmediale is the leading annual festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, bringing together international artists, researchers, activists and thinkers to develop new views on our technological era.

Taking place for the 33rd time this year, Transmediale centres on a symposium, varying exhibition formats, talks, films and videos, performances and a student forum. Inspired by the pre-Internet idea of networks, Transmediale 2021 lasts for a whole year.

Seeking to encourage a comprehensive re-evaluation of networks as technological, social and artistic infrastructures and their limits, Transmediale also aims to draw attention to the limits of Internet-based networks while highlighting alternatives to help bring around sustainable social change. A number of discussions and workshops aim to explore these ideas, while new pieces of artwork which both refute and reform networks will be presented in the group, month-long exhibition.  

Facilitating critical reflection and processes of cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective, the Exhibition – The External Network presents historical and contemporary artistic positions which question cultural technological networks…

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