Turkey says it’s not to blame for EU ‘Seatgate’

turkey says its not to blame for eu seatgate

Turkey has denied claims it snubbed European Commissioner President, Ursula von der Leyen because of her gender.

A protocol blunder during a meeting on Tuesday between Von der Leyen, European Council chief Charles Michel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan caused a public uproar. 

During the talk about Turkey-EU relations, the three were led to a large room for discussions to find there was only two chairs set out for the three leaders. 

Michel and Erdogan took their seats while Von der Leyen looked astonished and disappointed. She was later seen seated on a beige sofa, away from her make counterparts, leading to accusations of gender discrimination. 

Turkey insisted that the EU’s own protocol requests were applied, but EU officials refrained to comment on this assertion revealing a lack of unity among them.

Evelyn Regner, the chair of the European Parliament’s woman’s rights committee wrote: “A woman’s place is not on a by-standing sofa! A woman’s place is [at] the decision-making table!”

EU commission chief spokesman Eric Mamer said on Wednesday that Von der Leyen was “surprised” by the arrangements but “decided to proceed nevertheless, prioritising substance over protocol”…

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