Turns out we’re using travel pillows wrong

turns out were using travel pillows wrong

Sumary of Turns out we’re using travel pillows wrong:

  • Next time you are on a plane, you should take another look at your travel pillow – as you have most likely been using it wrong.
  • It was revealed on TikTok by a user by the name of Sidneyraz, who said: “Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s”.
  • He put his travel pillow on his neck — the same way the rest of us use it — before flipped it around, so the two ends of the U-shaped pillow are on the back of his neck.
  • “You can actually sleep on a flight.” TikTok isn’t the first place where travellers have been told of the best way to use their travel pillows.
  • Sleep expert and American TV personality Dr Micheal Breus revealed the trick to news.com.au in 2019.
  • “One thing I tell my clients is that if you have a U-shaped neck pillow, turn it around so the bottom of the U is under your chin,” he said.

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