U.S. Travel: Data Suggests Americans Disrespecting State Restrictions And Quarantine Rules

u s travel data suggests americans disrespecting state restrictions and quarantine rules

Americans are traveling again and not adhering to current U.S. travel restrictions and quarantine … [+] requirements


Americans, it seems, are on the road. Spurred on by Covid-19 fatigue and promising signs in the battle against Covid-19–reducing infection rates, declining mortality rates and a huge push in vaccinations across the country–people are traveling again. However, new data suggests that travelers are not respecting quarantine and other state travel requirements.

RateGain is a travel technology provider, meaning that it powers bookings for Marriott, the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Kayak, and Priceline’s websites, among others. It has drawn the following conclusions about how far people are not adhering to current U.S. state-by-state travel restrictions and quarantine requirements:

From its data, RateGain has seen a considerable rise in U.S. travelers “on the road” and hotel bookings at rates not seen since Labor Day in September 2019.
RateGain believes that that the travelers are from out-of-state, based on the upswing in air travel. On March 18-19, for example, the TSA screened more than 1.4 million people each day at checkpoints (corresponding with the two highest numbers of travel bookings made in the past year)…

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