Vaccine havens: The countries welcoming travellers with Covid passports this summer

vaccine havens the countries welcoming travellers with covid passports this summer

International leisure travel is still banned from the UK – and the prime minister has said he cannot guarantee that overseas holidays will open up from 17 May, as originally hoped.

The government says it hopes people will be able to travel to and from the UK to take a summer holiday this year, “but it is still too soon to know what is possible”.

Ministers advise people “not to book summer holidays abroad until the picture is clearer”.

However, a traffic-light system for countries is set to be introduced, while vaccine passports are also on the horizon: “The NHS is working on providing individuals with the means to demonstrate their Covid status through a digital and non-digital route, and is working with experts to put security and privacy at the core of this approach,” says the government.

“When non-essential international travel does resume, the NHS solution will facilitate international travel where certification is required, and we will look to establish arrangements with other countries and international organisations to establish mutual recognition of certificates.”

For those who can prove they have received an approved coronavirus vaccine, some tourism-hungry countries have announced that their borders will be flung wide to the immunised traveller…

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