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Virgin Atlantic cargo is made up of ‘fascinating’ items passengers ‘may not think’ of

Passengers are all too families with the protocol of checking their suitcases and other personal items into the hold when heading on holiday. However, a Virgin Atlantic cargo operations director has revealed that are actually some very important, and often exciting, items also nestled in there along with the bags.

Speaking as part of Virgin Atlantic’s Flight School on Instagram, Tania Boyes listed some of the items commonly found in the hold that passengers might never imagine are joining them for the journey.

“What you may not think about when you are flying off on holiday is what is being carried below you in the cargo belly.

“It can be anything from cars, that’s race cars and people’s personal collections, to fish, to pharmaceuticals.

“It might be electrical goods, mobile phones, laptops, etcetera.”

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In fact, if anything cargo flights were even busier than before, with airlines taking on a very special role.

“Whilst covid has obviously hit the world pretty hard and people are not travelling for business or holiday, cargo businesses have actually been extremely busy so we have been moving around essential goods and obviously trying to carry more pharmaceuticals – whether that is PPE, test kits and hopefully in the near future some vaccines,” she said.

“So it has been absolutely incredible over the last nine months or so how everybody in our business has pulled together to deliver some incredible new routes.

“We are flying to places that we have never been before.

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