Visit the JAL Factory Sky Museum from home with remote tour

visit the jal factory sky museum from home with remote tour

To prevent spreading COVID-19, JAL has decided to suspend the Factory Tour and move it online.

Japan Airlines have come up with the JAL Remote Factory Tour program, which allows you to learn more about the system and airplanes from the comfort of your own home.

The tour goes for around 45 minutes, and you can learn things such as the flying methods, mechanisms, airplanes ‘sizes through an online conference system.

Besides a lot of educational videos, slides, there are ways to learn in a fun way with quizzes; if you have questions, you can also write it in the chatroom, and you’ll get the answers straight away.

It is a wonderful idea because teachers can also use it at school and take the whole class on a virtual tour of the factory.

By using a lot of interesting and fun ways of learning, including lots of visual material, children will be able to understand the content much better, too.

Visual interactive learning and the use of images are a great way to learn and teach your students about not only airplanes but many other subjects that might be a little hard to explain just by using words.

Visiting museums, factories, taking quizzes, and having fun while learning is a good approach, and I believe that this program, too, will be very appreciated by both teachers and students.

Of course, you don’t need to be an institution to benefit from it, and if you are interested in airplanes and how they work, you can also reserve your spot and visit it from your home.

The program includes a tour and introduction of the exhibition area, aviation classroom, and a hangar tour.

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