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Earlier in 2021, Airelles announced the addition of Pan Dei Palais to its prestigious hotel collection. Located in a street perpendicular to Place des Lices, Pan Dei Palais is a 12 room and suite historic boutique hotel in the heart of St Tropez. Imagine a private oasis surrounded by streets and palms where you can relax while being in the bustle of the town. 


The story of the hotel started in the 1820s. Born in St Tropez, French General and adventurer Jean-François Allard was awarded the Legion d’Honneur by Napoleon Bonaparte. Forced into exile, his journey led him to Persia and Punjab in India where he became Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s most faithful commander. During a battle, he met his love, the Indian royal Princess Bannu Pan Deï. In 1835, he came back to St Tropez and the private residence was built as a romantic gift for his love. 

Intimate and luxurious, Pan Dei Palais is a family home with the exotic charms of an Indian palace. The decor includes color pops, dark wood, Indian rugs and objects recalling the love story. 


You will enjoy excellent Italian meals prepared by Chef Marco Garfagnini at restaurant Dolceva…

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