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Watch: Magical Marico Oog a place of sparkling waters and starlit skies

There is nothing that compares to being out in the bush surrounded by the inky night and looking up at the stars that seem to stretch to infinity with only bright moonlight showing you the way.

It’s even better when you are weightless, floating and cosseted in warm water while looking up at the heavens that penetrate 10m and more through crystal clear water.

The only company you have are the bubbles that stream upwards as you exhale and the sound of your breathing as you suck in another mouthful of air.

Underwater forest of enchantment

It’s one of those experiences that make up life’s most magical moments and also a memory that you would associate with the exotic surroundings experienced anywhere but the bushveld a mere two hours or so from Johannesburg by car. 

Inevitably, though, night turns to day and the moment is gone. The beauty of the Marico Oog, a spring that feeds the Marico River, however, is that by day it is transformed once again.

Sliding beneath the water takes you into what is the equivalent of a garden. A verdant green underwater forest lies beneath you, the fronds of its aquatic plants moving gently as your fins stir the water.

Incredible light and visibility in Oog

Around you, the stems of water lilies reach towards the surface, which is covered by lilypads that allow glimpses of the blue sky above and reflect shafts of sunlight downward towards the bottom of the Oog. 

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