WATCH: Unexpected creature sneaks up on Google Maps Street View camera


Google Maps Street View has become a viral sensation among eagle-eyed viewers who scour the web application looking for unexpected sightings. Usually, Google’s Street View cameras have the ability to snap random moments, often involving people who may not have realised the camera was around.

This is because Google’s cameras are often attached to cars which drive around towns and cities.

However, in one viral scene, viewers spotted the moment Google’s cameras appear to have been snuck up on by a rather unexpected visitor.

The scene, snapped by a static 3D camera, takes place on North Seymour Island.

The island, which is part of the Galapagos Islands, is a top fishing site for marine birds and a hotspot for travellers and zoologists to visit and observe the animals which reside there.

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Meanwhile, cameras are rife, with all of the people apparently taking a photograph of the Google camera.

Though it is not clear what all of the fuss is about at first, once the viewer clicks around the scene, it becomes clear the photographers are trying to get a snap of the creature which has made its way over to inspect the 3D camera.

A sea lion can be seen just inches away, its huge fluffy face and big black eyes staring directly into the lens.

The mammal is so close, viewers can count each of its individual whiskers, as well as get a detailed look at its flurry features.

The inquisitive animal doesn’t seem to have caused much


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