‘We were surrounded’: Couple’s horror

we were surrounded couples horror

When fires surrounded New South Wales’ Snowy Monaro for over a month, people from all over Australia – and the world – banded together to perform one huge act of selflessness.

While residents in the region knew that other people were facing the same kind of devastation through the nation’s black summer of 2019 and 2020, “we were in our little world here with our fires”.

“I felt that we were surrounded by fire,” Richard Swain said in an interview for a new video series supporting bushfire affected communities, Open for Business.

Along with his wife, Alison, the couple own Alpine River Adventures, which specialises in whitewater rafting, scenic river tours and wilderness paddling experiences.

Ms Swain said they could see, “all around, 360 degrees” the fires from their house, “all these different fires popping up”.

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Founder and CEO of The Fly Program, Matt Tripet, said the bushfires “had an enormous impact on this region”.

“There was the direct impact of the fire itself, and then there was the indirect – a lack of tourism. So it really changed a lot of lives, directly and indirectly…

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