What Does Tasmania Taste Like?

what does tasmania taste like

Cape Grim — the northwestern point of Tasmania, Australia

Trade Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state roughly the size of West Virginia dangling below the southeastern shores of Australia. Here in the US, little is known about this far-flung destination save for perhaps the fact that its home to a rambunctious, carnivorous marsupial of Looney Tunes lore. But ‘Tassie’ (as the land is known to locals) would love to introduce itself in a more meaningful—and flavorful way. And so its tourism and trade board just launched a novel campaign to give Americans an explicit sense of what it actually tastes like.

‘Experience Tasmanian’ began in earnest this March with the delivery of 147 boxes of native produce disseminated amongst selected chefs, and other assorted culinary personalities across the USA. The professional tastemakers were introduced to popular delicacies including Cape Grim beef—often regarded as Australia’s highest grade grass-fed offering; an assortment of local cheeses; the island’s celebrated-yet-underrated sparkling wine, as well as its world renowned ocean trout.

All of it meant to highlight the pristine nature of this largely undeveloped wilderness…

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