What Is The Fastest Growing Airline In New York And Boston?

what is the fastest growing airline in new york and boston

A fleet service worker shuts the door on an American flight at JFK on March 26. (Photo by Angus … [+] Mordant)

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What is the fastest growing airline in the biggest U.S. market? Vasu Raja, American Airlines chief revenue officer, had an answer on American’s earnings call Thursday. noting, “American and JetBlue together is the fastest growing airline in the whole Northeast corridor.”

Like the other two U.S. global airlines, American is throwing capacity at domestic and short-haul international leisure destinations this summer while awaiting the restart of business flying and the reopening of long-haul international flying —particularly to the United Kingdom, which appears likely within months. Those strategies are similar.

However, during the pandemic, American, Delta and United have sought to remake themselves in different ways. Among the famous quotations from Winston Churchill, cited recently by United CEO Scott Kirby as an inspiration, is this one: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  In their responses, the carriers have taken different paths.

American cemented alliances with JetBlue and Alaska, boosting its presence in the Northeast and West Coast, where it was the weakest of the three global carriers…

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