when can i travel to the us

International travel will shortly be back on the agenda.

From 17 May, the tourism industry has been given the official nod to restart under a “traffic light” system, from England at least, where countries are assigned either green, amber or red.

The “green list” is expected to be released in early May, with a small handful of countries on it.

The US has been out of bounds for more than a year to UK travellers, as presidential proclamations have largely closed borders to Britons.

But now pressure is mounting for travel to open up between the two nations.

On 4 May, a group of airlines, airports and business groups from both sides of the Atlantic called for the full reopening of air travel between the two nations “as soon as safely possible”, reports Reuters.

Here’s what you need to know about UK-US travel this summer.

How important is UK-US travel?

The market is huge. In 2019, nearly 4 million Britons travelled to the US, according to the UK’s Foreign Office, while 4.5 million visits were made from the US to the UK, according to figures from VisitBritain.

Pre-pandemic, London-New York was one of the busiest international air corridors in the world (as well as being important economically), with around 3 million passengers annually…

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